About Recorder Karate

Fifth grade students are excited to test and develop their recorder skills using Recorder Karate.  This method includes nine songs, each more challenging than the last. Once a song is mastered the student performs it for Mrs. Davis.  If the performance is "practically perfect" the student receives a belt to hang on his/her recorder indicating the color of the song mastered.  As you might expect, all nine songs mastered means a black belt.   However, students are often anxious for more and there have been many who have gone on to silver and gold as they have learned "Songs Beyond the Black Belt"  compiled by Mrs. Davis.

Students Playing Recorder Karate

Click on this link to listen to your recorder karate songs to make sure your rhythms and pitches are correct.  Play along to make practicing more fun!  See the handout from Mrs. Davis for the password.  Go for black!  You can do it if you keep practicing.


Recorder Family
Listen to the members of the recorder family: soprano, alto, tenor, bass and the
largest recorder in the world.